Wednesday :: Dec 10, 2003

Schwarzenegger Humiliating Himself and California

by paradox

Posted by paradox

Herr GröpenFührer has fallen flat on his face out of the gate for his grand adventure as the Governor of California. Consider:

  • In one of the most ludicrous acts of any Governor in this Stateís history (precisely the same stupid trick that got Harvey Pitt fired; it really, really has to be a stupid trick to get fired by Bush) Herr Bozo announced he would be investigating himself for acts of sexual harassment. This laugher of an idea was dropped 2 days ago.

  • Herr GröpenFührer was sued yesterday for libel. He sexually harassed a woman, and when she got the word out during the campaign Herr GröpenFührer told the world she was a convicted prostitute. Turns out there was a prostitute out there with the same name as one of Herr GröpenFührer's harassment victims. What a beautiful, uplifting news item for all Californians.

  • Herr GröpenFührer didnít get the spending cap he wanted out of the legislature, so he proposes to take normal legislative functionality out of Sacramento and turn to initiatives. Itís a disaster of an ideaónot only will it lead to legislative paralysis and screams total weakness by the Executive, it invites disaster by further wrecking California through he initiative process.

  • Herr GröpenFührer just took a huge dump on two central campaign promises. Since he gutted revenues by repealing the car tax heís going to stiff cities, counties and education, something he specifically promised not to do.

    Herr GröpenFührer finds himself hemmed in by Proposition 98, which mandates that 40% of the Stateís funds go to education. What to do? Why, just suspend the constitution.

    You read that right, gentle reader. Our constitution isnít really meant to be taken seriously, so just chuck it if things donít work out. It takes two-thirds votes in both the House and Senate to do this, something as likely as pigs flying to the moon.

    Itís abundantly clear that Herr GröpenFührer doesnít have a clue as to what to do, and all too predictably doesnít care a whit for floating asinine policy ideas, breaking promises, or making stupid and inflammatory legislative tactics.

    Itís a total disaster. Californiaís credit rating has been chopped againóonly Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia share it. Soon cops and firefighters will get fired up and down the state. The legislature is in chaos and relations with the Herr GröpenFührer are already trashed. Education is going to take a heavy hit. Confidence in the ability of our Governor is already plummeting.

    Will Oprah Winfrey have Arnie on his show now that things have gone to hell? Will Darrell Issa come forth to take credit for what a great idea the recall was? Will George Schultz waltz around singing the praises of libel? Will the folks who voted for him actually pay attention to what heís doing now that heís got the job?

    Dream on. California has driven itself over the cliff with the recall, and how hard we crash is anybodyís guess. Itís already extremely ugly, and a lot of our citizens are going to get hurt very badly from the wreck.

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