Wednesday :: Dec 10, 2003

Bashing the Musclehead

by Duckman GR

by Duckman GR

I was going to make a comment on Paradox' post, but felt that some additional venting was required per the Groper's latest b/s. And yes, to those who wanted to give arnold a chance or benefit of the doubt, I told you so.

Some have suggested Arnold's comments on CNN might be called waffling. I was thinking more along the lines of hitting the trifecta, you know, the complete shirking of responsibility, accountability, and credibility.

Schwarzenegger offered no commitment that his administration would restore to local governments the money they lost when he repealed a vehicle registration fee increase on his first day in office. Rather, he said that mayors and county supervisors who are worried that some $4 billion in lost revenue won't be replaced should look to the Legislature, which is considering a bill to make that happen.

And he suggested that if local government coffers are not replenished, it is not his fault.

"They [local officials] should put pressure on their state legislators because they've spent their money," Schwarzenegger said on the network's "Inside Politics" show. "It's not me taking anything away from them, it's they've spent their money."

Still don't want to recall the bastard? What a mealy mouthed coward. First thing he cuts is aid for the aged, the infirm, and the mentally disabled, you know, those best equipped to defend themselves, those with the biggest constituency standing by their sides. Then he reneges on his promises, promises Arnold made personally mind you, to refund that money he, and there was no one but himself brandishing that pen, cut via the car tax to the cities and counties, since of that money went to local government.

And now he wants to cut education, but tries to call it something else. This is the same typical republican lie tactics, just like calling the estate tax the death tax, like calling Bill Clinton's tax increase on the top brackets the biggest tax increase in history (which it was in actual dollars, maybe, but not as a percentage of GDP, the latter which is an actually relevant statistic versus the non-relevant former.).

Now, whether this asshole actually thinks he can suspend the California Constitution or if he thinks this is just a pressure tactic on the legislature, is debatable. What I see is 2 positive things that comes out of this. One is that Karl Rove has succeeded in finding someone more incompetent and un-able than George W Bush, which burnishes the chimps image, and second, this might wake Californian's up to the fact that taxes actually serve a good and valid purpose, that taxes are not inherently evil, that there are consequences to populist actions that are not popular, and especially that republicans are not to be trusted with your children, your treasure, or, your future.

Now might be the time to remind some people of that. Like Oprah. I tried to get the transcript of Oprah's love fest with Arnold and Maria, but Oprah is apparently in need of cash, and transcripts aren't free. But you can see a few comments that were posted on her site here and here, oh, and feel free to drop her a note thanking her for her tough interview with Maria and Arnold.

Yes, as many wondered, why would anyone want this job in the first place. And since the housing boom is making some contrary noises, as this article suggests, one must wonder, what will that do for the CA economy? Anything good? What does that do to the wealth of those damn liberal Californian's? Anything good? Maybe that has been the plan all along, to bankrupt California and take her wealth off the table, if not her electoral votes.

Invest in tinfoil people, we're going to need a lot of it in ought 4.

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