Wednesday :: Dec 10, 2003

How Stupid Is the Bush Foreign Policy Team Anyway?

by Steve

How screwed up and dysfunctional is the Bush foreign policy team anyway? Are they so messed up that they would knowingly appoint James Baker to be a fixer last week to reduce Iraqís outstanding debts, which would require goodwill from the creditor countries, then allow the Cheney/Rummy/Wolfie/Rice cabal to undermine that effort the following week by cutting those countries out of the reconstruction bonanza? And would they do this without figuring that such a move would not only obliterate chances that those same countries would ever become donor countries to help us offset costs to the US taxpayers? And would they do this without anticipating that such a move would trigger an already angry and recently victorious European community to investigate the possible illegality of such a move, less than two weeks after the WTO steamrollered Bush over steel tariffs?

Apparently these nimrods would.

Yesterday, as we reported, the PNAC cabal through Wolfie and Rummy got the Administration to prohibit the participation and bidding by firms from countries that didnít support the war for the Iraqi reconstruction contracts. The Administration aggressively defended the decision this morning, even as it was clear that the Pentagon and White House didnít even consult with the State Department and the Office of the Trade Representative over the decision, since both questioned the rationale for the decision. The decision has, as should have been expected, reopened old wounds amongst the Europeans at a time when we were asking for their help. But the Europeans, in a delicious bit of payback, are now going to investigate the legality of the USís action against international trade laws.

Just months after W handed the post-war Iraq responsibilities to Condi Rice, this mess ensues. Condi, if you were working for any Fortune 500 company and you screwed up this much, you would have been canned by now.

Instead, in the Bush White House, such ineptitude is tolerated for a NSA.

Or for the whole foreign policy team, for that matter.

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