Thursday :: Dec 11, 2003

Thursday Quick Hits

by Steve

Can someone explain for me how it is possible for Howard Dean, the front runner, to run behind an unnamed Democrat in head-to-head matchups against Bush in his neighboring state of New Hampshire?

Joe Lieberman is getting a bounce from Al Gore’s endorsement of Howard Dean. And William Saletan of Slate takes issue with Gore’s endorsement, saying amongst other things that Gore is moving into the left wing of the party by doing so.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Democratic candidates need to realize that although a solid majority of Americans continue to be in support of the Iraq war, a majority also think Bush has screwed up the aftermath and that we need to stay a while longer. Which may explain why Bush’s disapproval rating in the three most recent polls ranges from 40%-43%. Focus more on the aftermath, and less on the war itself, people.

By a four-to-one margin Americans feel that Al Qaeda has terrorists within the US now ready to attack. I guess we all feel much safer with W in charge of the war on terra’, huh?

Charlie Rangel made it official today with his endorsement of Wesley Clark.

Remember all that great talk about the recovery? Initial claims for unemployment went up again last week beyond analysts’ expectations, while inventories went up more than expected also.

Is anyone surprised that Pacemaker Dick’s old company has already gouged millions from the US taxpayers in Iraq?

There should also be no surprise that Bush’s EPA has gone easier on their corporate polluter friends in fines and cleanups that Clinton did.

So much for those GOP wet dreams of bumping FDR off the dime and replacing him with the Gipper.

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