Saturday :: Dec 13, 2003

The CA Budget: Nothing Has Been Accomplished

by paradox

Posted by paradox

Elected representatives and the Governor of California all agreed on a fiscal plan last night. Unfortunately our representatives can’t make and implement decisions, so they will turn to the people in March with a ballot initiative that says: you decide on the budget.

Schwarzenegger says he’s happy and the Republicans are steamed. What The Left Coaster wants to know, though, is what happens if the voters go the to the polls next spring and

What then? Government by initiative invites great peril to orderly civic change. All of us are reading these pixels from a fundamental desire to see change, yet it’s very difficult not to be extremely critical of California’s initiative results, which have been an unqualified disaster. The tax structure is crippled, schools have been neglected for a generation, and racial tensions have been exploited with initiatives.

The latest initiative gem to greet the voters by our esteemed representatives has a neat little trick: the State will not go into the red in the future, but we have to borrow $15 billion now.

Oy. Voting yes to that mature adult adherence to principle is going to be very difficult.

“Sen. Jim Battin (R-La Quinta)...said the measure contained "huge loopholes" and predicted that future legislatures would find ways around its provisions.”

Really? Ya think?

None of the articles in the New York Times, LA Times, or Washington Post state what specific budgeting procedures will be followed until the election, or what would be done if the measure is defeated. Maybe if enough citizens voted no our representatives would get the message to do their jobs.

California must constitutionally balance its budget. Is it necessary to get voter approval to finance $15 billion in operating costs? It shouldn’t be, for that system can’t work: if the voters say no the State has nothing but a legislature that couldn’t implement an emergency budget in the first place.

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