Thursday :: Dec 18, 2003

After Nine Months, Iraq WMD Search Flops - Kay Is Leaving

by Steve

With the clock now nearly showing nine months to the day since the invasion began on the pretext of Saddam's violation of UN Resolution 1441 dealing with his failure to account for, and anticipated possession of weapons of mass destruction, George W. Bush's handpicked weapons inspector is bailing out. The Washington Post's Walter Pincus has learned from his CIA sources, whom Kay reports to, that Kay plans to leave after the first of the year, unsuccessful after nine months of finding anything close to what Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Rice/Powell claimed Saddam had in the months leading up to the war.

Not that it matters to Skippy, who told a clueless Diane Sawyer that it didnít matter that WMDs hadnít turned up yet.

In an interview Tuesday night with President Bush, ABC correspondent Diane Sawyer asked why the administration stated as a "hard fact" that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had such weapons when it appears now he only had the intent to acquire them.

"So what's the difference?" Bush responded. "The possibility that he could acquire weapons. If he were to acquire weapons, he would be the danger."

Since the interview was with Sawyer instead of a real journalist, Skippy didn't have worry about getting that one thrown back in his face by reminding W that he claimed the war was immediately necessary because of an imminent threat from Saddam's possession of WMDs and his harboring of terrorists, neither of which have ever been proved.

Yet as the Independent notes, while the White House backsteps as fast as possible from the WMD rationale for the war to now focus instead on Saddamís atrocities as the reason for the war, the strategy seems to be working with a sheeplike American populace. Of course, it matters to the families of those soldiers used as political cannon fodder by this White House.

Interestingly enough, as many of us worry about the chances that Bush will do this again in a second term (if elected), it appears that other countries have drawn the line on any further adventures in Iran, Syria, or elsewhere. Buried in a story today about how James Baker has gotten Russiaís Putin to agree along with Germany and France to unspecified Iraqi debt reduction, Putin sent a message in advance of Baker's visit that there will be no more Iraqs.

While the Kremlin press service confirmed Putin's debt pledge to Baker, the Russian president made no personal statement after the meeting. But earlier in the day, speaking in a televised question-and-answer program, he repeated his opposition to the Iraq war and warned the United States against imperial aspirations.

"There were no international terrorists under Hussein," Putin said. "This is a separate problem. The use of force abroad under current international law may take place only in the event of sanctions applied by the U.N. Security Council." Without U.N. approval, he added, military force "cannot be regarded as just and fair."

He went on to note that throughout history "empires have always suffered" from "a sense of invulnerability, a feeling of grandeur." He added: "This always very much hindered countries claiming to be empires. I hope very much that this will not happen to our American partners."

Sure, Bush can ignore his friend Pooty-Poot, but what Putin is clearly saying is that there will be no more wars without UN approval and sanction. And if Russia and China for example are opposed, no such approval will be forthcoming, especially if Russia has to beg for reconstruction contracts in Iraq. At the end of the day with Vladimir, it all comes down to business and whether he can get a piece of it or not. But if Bush is making Pooty-Poot eat manure pie to get a piece of the action, I would gather that PNAC can kiss their grand agenda goodbye.

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