Friday :: Dec 19, 2003

Holiday Spirit

by Duckman GR

by Duckman GR

Well, while the Bosses and Bush revel in their Saddddamm inspired afterglow, tendrils of rich Virginia tobacco smoke wafting into the dark rich oaken beams of their taxpayer and investor funded undisclosed locations, life continues in the rest of America.
Some 70,000 UFCW workers remain on strike or locked out by their colluding employers, and face a lean Holiday season. Strike pay has been cut from $300 to $100 a week in some areas as the Union strike funds dry up.

The stores are threatening the health insurance fund of the strikers, and I was particularly touched by the concern of one Vons spokesperson: “Sandra Calderon, a spokeswoman for the Vons chain, disagreed. "We feel we have met our obligation under the current contract," she said. She would not elaborate. Representatives of Albertsons and Ralphs declined to comment.” Other grocery store chains that use the same fund, are also threatened by the failure of the stores to pay into the fund. And CALPERS is gently weighing in to urge a resolution.

This is who the stores use to break the strikers, a nice business to be in, don’t you think?

This is the type of person they’re trying to break, Jose Sanchez (scroll down to end of article). Says Jose: “a clerk at a Ralphs in Burbank, [he] said his father and grandfather were migrant farmworkers who marched with Cesar Chavez. "My dad picked strawberries," Sanchez said. "Now look at me. I've got a family, a house, picket fence and all, the American dream. That's what my dad and grandfather fought for. I'm not going to give up on it now."

So we’ve got people’s healthcare on the line, Holiday Season in tatters for 70,000+ families, plus the stores management people who can’t be having any fun, and what’s going to happen after the strike? Somehow, this doesn’t seem like fertile ground for building a winning strategy against Wal-Mart, does it? I have to think it will take a team effort if the profitable grocery store chains want to be able to compete with Wal-Mart, but all they’re doing so far is burning their bridges with the people who are ultimately going to decide their fate, their employees and the customers. Doesn’t seem very smart to me.

And the reports that I hear are that the stores are the ones unmoving, not the strikers.

And lastly, look at this AFL-CIO site, that gives a lot of info on what’s and who is happening. Check it out, there’s lots of news and stuff to see.

Just some food for thought this Holiday Season.

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