Friday :: Dec 26, 2003

Another Bush Environmental Policy Setback

by Mary

Posted by Mary
On top of the failure of Bush's EPA to increase the number of snowmobiles in Yellowstone and their decision to not go forward with their gutting of the Clean Water act, the Bush EPA was once again stopped from changing our environmental laws on their own say so. This week Bush's attempt to undermine the Clean Air act with his so-called "Clear Skies" act was blocked by the US District Court of Appeals in Washington, DC. As a special Christmas present to the people of the United States of America, the appeals court blocked the rule changes that Bush's EPA had devised to allow the biggest polluters to increase their capacity to pollute. The twelve states that banded together with the environmental groups and the American Lung association to sue the EPA are cheering today. We can all breathe easier for now.

And do check out Atrios' post where he documents the NYTimes changing their story to remove the line about the 19,000 extra deaths that would have resulted from these rule changes.

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