Sunday :: Dec 28, 2003

Dean Says His Supporters May Not Vote For Another Democrat

by Steve

Developments from the campaign trail today:

In a pronouncement that smacks of “make me the nominee or else”, Howard Dean said today that if he doesn’t get the nomination his supporters might stay home next November. Sure, Dean has said that he will endorse the eventual Democratic nominee should it not be him, and has also said he will urge his supporters to back the nominee. But why say this at all in the first place? Doesn't this now give his supporters a free pass in staying home next year if Dean doesn't get the nomination? Wasn't the goal to broaden the party by returning it to its roots? How is that achieved by tacitly stating it's OK for his supporters to stay home if he doesn't get the nomination? Hasn't this war on Washington Democrats gone a little too far now?

It also appears that Dean has a problem in criticizing Cheney’s Energy Task Force for its secrecy. Why? Because it turns out that Dean had an energy task force of his own while governor, and his also refused to release the details of what was discussed.

Joe Lieberman attacked Dean’s lack of foreign policy experience today, saying the presidency was no place for on the job training. The attack follows a day after John Kerry did the same.

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