Wednesday :: Dec 31, 2003

Resolutions and Predictions - 2004

by Steve

As we head into a new and very important year, I want to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy New Year. We have differences amongst us as Democrats and progressives, but we are united in wanting a better life and future for this country and its people than the self-serving and private interest-driven agenda of George W. Bush and the GOP.

If you are interested in doing so, I am going to put up this post asking for your resolutions and predictions for 2004. I will start it off with a small contribution from myself, including a couple of predictions that may not be popular, but in the spirit of candor, so be it.

Again, have at it yourself, and let's have a great year and kick the bastards out in November!


1. I resolve to eat less and eventually no beef. There were already good health reasons for doing this and good alternatives, but the recent Mad Cow problems and the political control of our regulatory process by the industry and this White House is another good reason. Let Chuck Heston eat it.

2. I resolve to spend admittedly less time doing this and more time finishing my novel about 9/11.


1. After a longer than expected nomination process, Howard Dean will get the nomination, and reach outside the current group of candidates for a VP, after all of them turn him down, even Clark.

2. Al Qaeda will do everything possible to stage a major terrorist incident around the time of the GOP convention in New York.

3. The campaign will be a brutal, bare-knuckles campaign where Bush will use his surrogates to smear Dean and his cash advantage and media friends to keep a dishonest message in play. Dean will be sucked into responding in kind, and the media and GOP will then call him negative and angry without pointing out the same negatives in Bush and the GOP. Rove will be able to con the swing voters that Bush has a positive, safe vision for the country, and the Democrats will lose the election and seats in both the House and Senate.

OK, it's your turn. Again, have a safe holiday.

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