Monday :: Jan 5, 2004

Afternoon Update: Bradley Set To Endorse Dean; Mr. "Dead or Alive" Reappears

by Steve

Bush Actually Wants To Tout Education

Aside from raising more money through the charade of a policy swing on education, I canít see why Karl Rove would have Bush visit a key swing state to tout his alleged success in the ďLeave No Child BehindĒ law. Such a trip only gives his opponents equal air time to harp about a clearly failed and intentionally underfunded initiative, so every trip Bush makes to a school touting this turkey will only give Democrats an opportunity to beat him over the head for the loss of local control, and lack of money from Washington.

Bin Laden Reappears

Remember Mr. Dead or Alive? He is still alive and well according to the CIA, when they validated his voice today. Worse yet, we seem to know where he is but wonít go in to get him. Simply put: if we know Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda leadership are in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where we left him since Tora Bora, why arenít we going in after him? And why canít the Democrats beat Bush over the head on this issue as being weak on terrorism?

Iowa Governor Vilsack Won't Endorse

In what is a blow to John Kerry, who was courting an endorsement from Iowa governor Tom Vilsack as much if not more so than his rivals, Governor Vilsack announced today that he will not endorse anyone in the Iowa caucuses, just as he also didnít do in 2000. Fellow Senator Tom Harkin however said late today he might endorse a candidate after all.

Bradley Will Endorse Dean

Bill Bradley agrees with former opponent Al Gore on one thing: they both endorse Howard Dean. Bradley is set to announce his endorsement of Dean tomorrow.

Clark Announces Tax Reform Plan, Challenges Rove

Wesley Clark rolled out his tax reform plan with an ďin your faceĒ aggressive style aimed right at Karl Rove, daring the White House to tag his plan as class warfare.

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