Thursday :: Jan 8, 2004

A Peace Activist Needs Your Help

by pessimist

A request for assistance from Lisa Walsh Thomas, author of this post

I am tentatively thinking of going to Columbus, Georgia for the trial, which begins on January 26. I've contacted SOAW to find out about the usefulness of having a group of witnesses attend the trial, and I'd be interested particularly in people between East Texas and Columbus for joining together, even putting me up on a sofa if I drive.

I'm an old lady, partially handicapped, and just DYING (perhaps literally) to see if police brutality on a lame old woman might draw a bit of attention to this, one of the most embarrassing actions of our country. I was arrested back in the Vietnam days, and they treated us like royalty compared to what Kathy experienced.

It's time to make our neighbors know what's going on.

If anyone can assist Lisa, contact her directly at her email address.

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