Thursday :: Jan 8, 2004

John Edwards Struggles On

by Duckman GR

So I'm thinking about the Edwards for President campaign, link to the right and down a bit, and the "The New Republic" of all places, has this fine analysis of the Edwards Campaign (thanks to D Kos for the steer, just scroll past the justly deserved TNR bashing to the end). Despite CW denials, Edwards has some good VP potential, because of his Southern Stateness, his vote for force authorization, (a meme that Democrats ought to be using, too little too late as it may be, since their votes were to authorize the possible use of force, not start a war for hegemony, er, to preempt another terrorist attack) and his lawyerly ways. But how much he has to offer to the top of the ticket is a question. Could he deliver NC or Florida or Arkansas or Louisiana to the Dems?

It's true that Edwards does have plans for nearly everything, even a book about it. But he doesn't seem to have poll numbers or money to support his cause despite his claims to surging poll numbers in Iowa, and favorable reviews from the debate last Sunday in Des Moines.

So does John Edwards have a realistic chance to win the nomination, or is he polishing and presenting his credentials, advancing his ideas and skills for possible future employment and/or campaigns? On the minus side, the national polls show a consistent single digit rating for Edwards and his standing. On the plus side Edwards is organized, knows how to argue and present a case, has remained, as they say, above the fray (Dean bashing) and does keep his eyes on the ball. But I don't think that's enough.

He's a nice guy, embodies Democrat values, but he also seems young and inexperienced, and as I was watching him scuttle onto his campaign bus one night, not particularly presidential, more professorial than tough.

And how can you manage a hegemony when you're professorial? What kind of Empire do you think we're running here anyway?

Update 4:22 pm

Here's a good analysis I meant to put in this post, but left out because, well, frankly, I saw a news flash about Michael Scott's Peter, er, I mean, okay, I forgot. But it supports the positive side of the Edwards campaign. But it is an AP piece, and you know how those come out sometimes. Old Habits and all.- DGR

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