Tuesday :: Jan 13, 2004

MoveOn.org Readies To Do Some Damage

by Steve

As many of you may have known, MoveOn.org ran a national contest looking for the best anti-Bush TV commercial in several categories. Although MoveOn.org received over 1000 entries, the RNC’s chief lying bastard Ed Gillespie managed to hoodwink the kneepad media into paying attention to only two of those thousand commercials that compared Bush to Hitler. What got lost in the maze until last night was the fine work done by many people to produce political commercials that are pretty damn good.

Last night, MoveOn.org announced the winners of their contest in several categories. More importantly, as a sign of how successful Democrats can be fighting the GOP with Section 527 committees, MoveOn.org announced that one of the winning commercials will air a great deal on CNN during the run-up to the State of the Union (SOTU) speech, as well as the Super Bowl. As someone who begged the Democrats to run reminder commercials about Bush’s lies in last year’s SOTU during the run up to this year’s speech, I am ecstatic that MoveOn.org is making good and effective use of George Soros’ contribution and that of contributors like me and you to launch the fight against Bush’s $200 million in blood money. I was also glad to see how MoveOn.org defended itself against the Gillespie smear job by reminding the media that it was hypocritical of the GOP to blast two independent contributors to MoveOn.org for their Bush-is-Hitler commercials, when it was Gillespie and Bill Frist amongst others who ran the despicable commercials for Saxby Chambliss that compared Osama Bin Laden to war hero Max Cleland, something else I have discussed.

MoveOn.org will have a major multi-million dollar media buy for this spot, and you can check out the winners in each category and contribute to MoveOn.org so that they can run as many spots as they can.

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