Monday :: Jan 19, 2004

Last Zogby Poll: Kerry Had Big Day Sunday - Edwards Passes Gephardt

by Steve

The final Zogby tracking poll out of Iowa this morning shows John Kerry bumping up one point to 25%, Howard Dean dropping one point to 22%, John Edwards shooting up three points to 21%, and Dick Gephardt dropping one point to 18%.

Zogby’s comments show that Kerry had a big day Sunday:

The story here is that Kerry had a huge day (29%) on Sunday alone. He carries his lead into the caucuses. He will probably be on top in Monday's entrance poll. Edwards finished strong and Dean bounced back. Only Gephardt seems to have faded on this last day.

"Kerry dominates in the western part of the state, among Independents, and among voters with at least a college degree. Dean holds a strong lead with younger voters. Edwards is well ahead in the central part of the state, but trails a bit in the west and east. Gephardt has slipped to a tie with older voters and high school educated. The lowest income voters are still with him.

"The race is very close among union voters and liberals. All four candidates have the same amount of very strong supporters.

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