Wednesday :: Jan 21, 2004

Say Goodnight, Dick!

by pessimist

As I anticipated, Richard Gephardt's latest attempt at conning organized labor out of their hard-earned money failed miserably. In what was supposed to be the area of his strongest support, he barely showed up in the results.

Considering his track record, his showing in the caucuses, and his miserable attendence numbers, watch the GOP target his seat for takeover. His support has to be waning significantly, and he certainly is vulnerable.

The losers are organized labor, whose leaders once again failed to represent the interests of the members. Speaking as a union worker, unions need finally to recognize that the Good Old Days are long gone. The new realities of the working world, which most of us working have long since come to know and loathe, preclude the sort of activities the leaders of organized labor have lazily come to expect will result in positive gains for the rank and file. The days of the auto workers telling GM and Ford how things would be left the stage with Walter Reuther. The Teamsters will never regain the power they had with Jimmy Hoffa pere (Jimmy Hoffa fils is a corporate suck-ass sell-out). It will be a long time before any labor leader achieves the sort of victory Ron Carey won against UPS right before they beheaded him at the ankles for his efforts.

Organized labor has to recognize the new realities, and come up with strategies to deal with them. They also have to find political allies that are worthy of the name, much less their support. Lip-servers like Dick Gephardt fail that test in every instance.

Maybe we have to go through a period of being a third-world nation before people recognize what they will have lost. Maybe the only way to get through to these boneheads is to let them watch the repo man come along and take away all of their expensive toys that they mortgaged the house to buy. Maybe from among them will rise a leader for the little guy to counter the control of the people by the few for the few.

And his name will NOT be Richard Gephardt.

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