Thursday :: Jan 22, 2004

Now or Never for Howard Dean

by CA Pol Junkie

by CA Pol Junkie

Iowa was a debacle for Dean thanks to the high expectations for his innovative campaign and his pro wrestler imitation as he rallied the disappointed troops that came from 48 states to help his campaign. He was thrown off his message by the negative campaign preceding Iowa and the negative coverage post-Iowa. Kerry is now the frontrunner in New Hampshire. Dean's loyal supporters, betrayed by missteps of the candidate and campaign, need positive news now. Fortunately for Howard Dean, he has a second chance and today is the day that will make or break his candidacy.

Tonight, Howard Dean has a chance to shine at the New Hampshire debate and remind people why they liked him in the first place. Then he and his wife Judy will be on ABC's Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer. He will also get a chance to make fun of himself on David Letterman tonight. Dean has a great record, a positive vision for America, and, factually speaking, he is not at all the raving lunatic the media has made him out to be. If he gets a second chance, there's no reason why he can't succeed.

All this might sound vaguely familiar. Bill Clinton was in much worse trouble, accused of having an affair with Gennifer Flowers, at the same time in the 1992 campaign. He and Hillary went on 60 Minutes on January 26th, 1992. More salacious stories came out before the New Hampshire primary, but Clinton was the "Comeback Kid" when he placed second to Paul Tsongas. He then used his money and the support he had built up prior to the Gennifer Flowers stories to dominate the primaries and win the nomination.

Those who have already written off Howard Dean's chances are as premature as those who wrote off Bill Clinton 12 years ago. Dean's closing line in his stump speech is "The power to change America is in your hands, not mine." Now, the power to change America is in his hands. By this time tomorrow, we will know if Howard Dean has what it takes.

Update: Dean's debate performance was good, but not stellar. The interview with Diane Sawyer was excellent. Dean looked warm and human while Judy was absolutely adorable. Dean just needs to hope enough people saw it and/or the media gives it as much coverage as The Yell. Ultimately, the people of New Hampshire will render their verdict.

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