Friday :: Jan 23, 2004

Morning Campaign Update

by Steve

The American Research Group New Hampshire daily tracking poll through last night shows that John Kerry has zoomed to an eleven-point lead, but not over Howard Dean, but Wesley Clark, 31%-20%. Dean has now slipped to third with 18%, but these polls do not fully factor in the effects of last nightís debate. John Edwards is now up to 11%. The latest Zogby daily tracking poll through last night out today also shows Kerry with a lead, this time 30%-22% over Dean, with Clark lagging third at 14% and with Edwards stuck at 7%, one point ahead of Joe Lieberman.

Meanwhile, Dean returned to bashing Washington politicians today, and Tim Russert made a big deal on the Today Show this morning out of the anti-Kerry press releases that Deanís staffers were passing out during the debate, while the candidates themselves tried to go gentle with each on stage.

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