Friday :: Jan 23, 2004

It's Time To Hold Media Accountable For Bush "Deserter" Coverup

by Steve

Probably the biggest outrage last night was the question that Peter Jennings asked Wesley Clark about Michael Moore's claim that Skippy was a deserter, and why Clark hadn't disavowed this allegedly untrue contention. While Clark didn't give the definitive smackdown back to Jennings that I would have preferred, it is plainly true that some of the media has documented anywhere from a 12 to 17 month gap in Skippy's Air National Guard service in 1972-1973. I will defer to those of you who are military law experts whether or not this constitutes an AWOL or deserter status, but it is also true that Bush has never produced his military records to prove it untrue. In fact, his records are not available. Here is Moore's website today with updated information since last night on this.'s The Smoking Jet has been out in front on some of this as well for years now.

It may very well be that Clark and probably Kerry don't want to spring the direct charge on Bush until after others have re-inserted this into the media debate this cycle and then either one of them would use it at a more damaging time. But it is also true that any member of the media who goes so far as to say that Clark was wrong for not disavowing something that allegedly wasn't true needs to be smacked down themselves now by email and fax.

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