Monday :: Jan 26, 2004

Suffer Unto Me The Least Of The Candidates

by pessimist

I knew when I chose to cover the presidential campaigns of the minor candidates, starting with Al Sharpton and Carol Mosely Braun, then expanding to cover the others no other Left Coaster blogger would, that someone would miss the point of my coverage of these candidates. Whether or not they are viable, or even popular, they deserve coverage if they are in the race at all. How else could people make an informed choice if rumor and innuendo were the only data available? If this were the case, Karl Rove would be cancelling the November election right now, starting up the inauguration celebration machinery instead.

This is not (yet) how things are in America. Nor do I want it to become this way.

So I wrote about Braun until she began to miss primary entry deadlines, and Gephardt until Iowa told him to sit down. I will cease coverage of the other minor candidates as they drop out as well.

I now cease coverage of Sharpton because he is no longer a real candidate, but a GOP puppet. I am willing to become a part of the promotion of the idea that Sharpton needs to drop out.

Now, to answer some of your comments, ...

I don't mean this to be nasty, but I can't resist asking if you really had any idea who Al Sharpton was before this campaign? Does the name Tawana Brawley mean nothing?
Posted by ksg at January 25, 2004 10:47 PM

Yes, ksg, nasty or not. I know all about Tawana Brawley - and I knew about it at the time. I remember many things about Sharpton from his past. I knew him then, as I know him now, as an opportunist who needed watching. To steal a line from Homeland "Security" - Sharpton was Condition Orange up until the discovery of his GOP dirty tricks expert advisor, then he became Condition Red. I consider it my task to keep the left of center voters informed about him as best I can so that informed decisions can be made. As he now has stepped beyond acceptible limits as a candidate, I now call upon voters to reject him.

But while still a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, does the fact that Al Sharpton is what he is preclude someone looking into his campaign?

If you had been reading my Sharpton posts all along, you would have noted that I was not advocating him, merely reporting on him and his campaign activities. As the other bloggers here had chosen to cover the more popular candidates, was I to ignore all the others? How would this act make Left Coaster any different than ABC cutting off the coverage of the Kucinich campaign?

It wouldn't. I covered them as best I could on the principle that they deserved what exposure they could get - and now in Sharpton's case, the exposure he deserves.

As I have stated previously here, it is a crime that Al Sharpton has been given the legitimacy that this campaign has afforded him. He is a charlatan, plain and simple. Anyone from New York knows it.
Posted by Michael H. at January 26, 2004 06:37 AM

He has no place left to hide any more, Michael H. The real question is will his supporters see this before they make a big mistake and not support someone else?

As the other Democratic candidates seem to have forgotten, the 2004 presidential campaign isn't about why the other Democrats are a bunch of bums. The real message of the Democratic campaign needs to be "It's Retire George Warmonger Bush, Stupid!"

For a while, Sharpton was focussing on this message, and because of this, I felt his words deserved coverage. But his ego is now in charge, certainly a direct result of the legitimacy Michael H complains about.

How could it not? Have you out there not been paying attention to the news reports from the areas where Black voters are a large percentage of the population? Without their support, Al Sharpton would be getting the amount of coverage Lyndon LaRouche is getting, and with about the same results. His actions have cost him my desire to promote his message any longer, for he has shown that he is a man without honor.

Should I have known better? It cost me nothing. I still feel that informed decisions are to be preferred versus the scare tactics of the GOP, which inspired their capture of Al Sharpton through manipulating his ego.

I am no Kos or Billmon, and I don't attract the sort of numbers they do either, so just how much influence do you folks think I wield? I'm flattered when just one of you chooses to make a comment on my posts. But if just one of you out there learned something about one of the candidates that I cover that you didn't know before, then I have done the job I set out to do.

Left Coaster Blog Lord Steve Soto doesn't pay any of us to do this, nor is there any obligation for any of us to do so. I probably could get more hits if I covered Shania Twain or Brittney Spears.

But I see a great danger to my country, and I want to protect it. I want to defeat this danger and return the country to the way it used to be, and to help it to become the country it should become. I am but one person who has a few ideas which some of you some of the time think are worth reading. Occasionally, some of you think them good enough to repost or link to. I am honored when you do. And if in my posts I can inspire you to some kind of thought or action, then I have received my reward.

So when I post about someone whose past is odious and his persona is self-serving, I know full well what I'm doing, who I'm doing it for - and why I do it at all.


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