Wednesday :: Jan 28, 2004

Welcome To The Machine

by pessimist

The Bush (mis)Administration is a collective of severe cases of Rectal-Cranial Insertion Syndrome. Check this out:

U.S. plans al-Qaida offensive that would reach inside Pakistan

The only thing this is going to accomplish is to complete the formation of a movement that topples Musharraf and sets up the nightmare of nightmares that makes the Carlyle Group drool - the Islamic Bomb.

And with what can they fight this new war? Aren't we caught up in enough international messes as it is?

Are we going to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban, take flight from Baghdad after we Iraq'd Around a Crock, just to start new trouble in South Asia? Is this intended to keep India from improving relations with Islamabad and sowing the seeds of a powerful bloc to rise as the dominant power in this region, with a combined population (mid-2003 - India 1.05 billion and Pakistan 151 million) that approaches that of China (mid-2003 - 1.287+ billion)?

India does have a vision of the region developing a Free Trade Area of South Asia, which is going to wreak havoc upon BushCo plans to dominate the same lands.

And what of all the problems in Korea and Taiwan? And are they REALLY serious about beginning a ruckus in Syria and Lebanon?

There is only one way they could even think about trying this. Everyone in the nation will have to be drafted, and not just for the military. Those not of military age will work in defense industries. Forget about rights and wages - there won't be any. China doesn't need them, so why should Wal-Mart?

Under the Patriot Act, what is there to prevent such a move? With no public proceedings or other access to any information, who would even know?

We have to keep an eye on our allies as well. Militarism is rising in Japan again, and any student of history knows what happened last time.

Given the talents the Japanese people display in making something valuable out of something not considered to be so (look at what they did with consumer electronics!), would you be willing to trust Japan's militarists with access to fusion technology? Especially since Japan is dabbling in launching satellites? The United States turned over all of the plans for the F-15 fighter a few years back, under license, so that Japan could build their own fighters. (see section 2.5)

Fusion reactors, ballistic missiles, jet fighters - none of this adds up to something truly frightening - until you add militarism. And which country has more of all of this than any other?

Your country does.

Every other nation in the world was watching CNN present "Shock and Awe" and knew it for what it represented - the rise of a modern militaristic power with the sort of scruples demonstrated by the fascists in the 1930s. This, if I really have to state the idea in simple terms, is a serious threat to the peace and sovereignity of every nation in the world, especially if they oppose the actions of this power.

The natural response to such a thing is to arm one's nation as best on can to defend against the eventual attack, and this is what makes the Carlyle Group drool. About the only thing the US really makes anymore is high-tech weaponry. And, strife is something these companies thrive upon. According to recent reports, India bought a radar system while Pakistan bought a different radar system. Admittedly, these companies are trying to sell "defensive" systems, pretending that they have a scruple against selling "offensive" weapons.

Male Bovine Excrement!

Just as Haliburton has a foreign subsidiary to sell things banned by US law to countries who aren't supposed to get them, is it believable that no other company does the same thing? If so, I have a slightly used pretext for war to sell you - cheap! While Raytheon US won't sell such a system, who's to say that Raytheon Ltd. of, say, Indonesia or Singapore wouldn't step in to fulfill the order?

In the face of this, forward-looking nations see a time when the US Tomahawks are tossed at them, and they aren't as forgetful about history (with the definite exception Japan's acknowledgement of their WWII activities) as the United States is. They know that when the balance of power tips too far, it will at some point tip toward them. And as the sort-of adage goes, forearmed is forewarned.

So there it is - the eternal future war promised us by the Republican Party as operated by Reichsminister Rove. Us against the world. Us more powerful militarily, so that every other nation has to fight us like European civilians fought Hitler after their countries were invaded, and as the Iraqis and Afghans fight us now.

Of course if none of this makes any sense to you, Hannity should be on soon. Or someone else FAUX is promoting as Far Unbalanced.

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