Wednesday :: Jan 28, 2004

Listing of Ignored WMD Warnings And Neglected Intelligence

by Steve

In the coming days we will hear every effort from the White House, Porter Goss, Pat Roberts, John Warner and the like to place the blame for the Iraq WMD fiasco upon the intelligence community. But if you want a handy reference guide listing many of the warnings given by the intelligence community to the White House about the shaky WMD case being made by the PNAC zealots, check out this piece of work from the Center for American Progress, which shows all the neglected intelligence and ignored warnings.

Meanwhile, David Kay recommended during his congressional testimony today the need for an outside inquiry to determine what mistakes were made and by whom in the lies and distortions told by the White House about Iraq's alleged WMD capabilities. Laughingly, the White House immediately rejected the idea, saying that it was premature for such an inquiry until the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) was done looking for the still-to-materialize WMDs. Of course, that's the plan: if the White House has its way, the ISG won't be done looking for weapons until the day after the November elections.

Supporters and opponents of President Bush say this public strategy -- delaying a judgment on the weapons while justifying the war on other grounds -- is risky. By postponing a reckoning on the weapons, Bush is gambling that the news in Iraq will improve so that the American public will not be concerned about the weapons, that a weapons discovery will be made, or that the ISG will not finish its work until after the November elections. But Bush's strategy, they say, also allows the matter to linger as part of the presidential campaign and raises the possibility of the issue coming to a boil just before Election Day.

An aide to one of the Republican senators on the Armed Services Committee said the White House strategy is to "just kick the can down the road."

"The administration views the WMD issue as a liability only in the context of what the events are on the ground in Iraq," the aide said. "If this situation improves in Iraq, this question will be a dead letter." The aide said it is "unlikely" Duelfer will complete his report before the November elections.

We'll see if it works.

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