Saturday :: Jan 31, 2004

This White House Lies, Over And Over Again

by Steve

Hereís several Bush/GOP outrage-type items for today. First, both the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times run with pieces today following the White House line that it was the intelligence communityís fault that the Iraq WMD rationale for the war was garbage. Note that in the Post story the analysts themselves were never interviewed to corroborate earlier claims that they faced political pressure to change their analyses to fit the prevailing beliefs of the PNAC crowd that wanted any justification for a war. Only CIA higher-up officials and congressional GOP sources seem to have been interviewed. And in the Timesí story, the issue of political pressure was never even raised. Neither story even addresses the troubling findings of the recent Carnegie Endowment report, wherein it was postulated that the White House distorted available intelligence and did place pressure on the community to develop analyses to fit its view of the matter.

In a Page One story in todayís Post, suspicions that the White House knowingly lied to Congress about the true cost of the Medicare drug bill are confirmed. Apparently the administration had known since the summer that the cost of the bill would be well over $500 billion, but kept the information away from Democrats and GOP conservatives. It appears that the Hill GOP leadership knew about the lies though, which should put Denny Hastert and Bill Frist in an uncomfortable position now. Plus, Bush said Friday that he first heard of the higher cost figures just weeks ago, although the Administration now admits that the HHS and GOP congressional leadership has known about it since summer. So either Bush just lied again, or his administration is inept and keeping things from the boss. You pick. Anyway, according to the Los Angeles Timesí story on this, Bush is losing conservative support over the deceit.

And the Post notes today that the White House is throwing one more roadblock up against the 9/11 Commission: contrary to its earlier promise, it now wonít let the members keep their own notes from reviews the presidential daily intelligence briefings.

Isnít it well past time that any number of the Democratic candidates can build a major attack upon Bush by painting him as a liar? Dean has already done it to a good degree, but all of them should do it and forcefully. Just come out and say it: this White House lies to Congress and the American people. Hammer it over and over again. Itís not like there isnít evidence to back this up. Just look at these three issues.

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