Saturday :: Jan 31, 2004

Why All the Doom 'n' Gloom?

by rayman

I know I'm stepping into a potential landmine here, but frankly I've been astounded by the persistent and virulent anti-Kerry invective on liberal blogs. Keep in mind that W's re-election numbers are hovering around 50%, and his disapproval ratings are surging. Of course, I don't want to strike an overly Pollyana tone; clearly, this will be a close-fought election, and we're all familiar with Kerry's shortcomings in the charisma department. But taunts of "Kerry's toast in November" from Kos diarists and in other online watering holes will get us nowhere.

Of course, this persistent gloominess on the part of liberal bloggers isn't limited to Kerry. We all remember the "Dean is unelectable" yelps when he was the frontrunner (as recently as two weeks ago, amazingly enough). Also, if either Edwards or Clark surges to the front in the next few weeks (unlikely as it is, but this primary season has been full of surprises), we can expect to hear Edwards denounced for being hollow and inexperienced, or Clark being pilloried as a fake Democrat, etc.

Now, I THINK that this constant gloom 'n' doom bellyaching against the Democratic frontrunner (first Dean, now Kerry) is simply the result of liberal bloggers being dissatisfied that "their" candidate isn't doing better. Indeed, as an impassioned Bill Bradley supporter in 2000, it took me awhile to accept the fact that Al Gore, and not Bradley, was our nominee. However, if this we're-screwed-in-November-with-Kerry defeatism that I see over at Kos's diaries, for example, persists beyond the primaries (whether the nominee ends up being Kerry, Dean, Clark, or Edwards)...well, I don't even want to think about it.

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