Saturday :: Jan 31, 2004

Kerry's And Bush's Numbers Moving In Opposite Directions

by Steve

In an updated Newsweek poll out today, John Kerry now has a large margin over other Democrats, and even polls slightly better than Bush in a head-to-head match up (48%-46%). The same poll shows that Bush’s approval rating has fallen under 50% for the first time, now down to 49%. Also, note in the details of the American Research Group poll out yesterday that showed a close head-to-head match up between Bush and Kerry how well Kerry (55%) does with Independents against Bush (39%).

First, in the poll amongst Democrats and Democratic-leaners, Kerry has streaked to 45%, with Dean now a distant second with 14%, and John Edwards comes in third at 11%. But the most noticeable result from this poll, aside from the post New Hampshire bounce for Kerry, is the collapse of Clark’s support, who now falls down to 5% and tied with Joe Lieberman. According to the poll, Kerry does almost as well in the South amongst Democrats as he does nationally.

Second, according to updated polls from American Research Group on the states in play next week, Kerry is primed to pick up Arizona, Delaware, and Missouri. John Edwards has reestablished a lead of seven points in South Carolina over Kerry (30%-23%). And in Oklahoma, which looked last week to be Clark’s only pickup next week, Kerry has now pulled to within two points of the General (25%-23%).

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