Sunday :: Feb 1, 2004

Bush Agrees To Independent Inquiry On His WMD Lies - Big Deal

by Steve

As we told you yesterday, Bush has agreed today to sign an Executive Order setting up an independent inquiry into the Iraq WMD lies. The media so far, with some exceptions, treats this like a major about-face for Bush. In fact if history is any guide, Bush will:

1) drag out the formation of the commission;
2) prevent it from looking at the White House's role in the debacle;
3) stonewall the commission's access to information, and
4) make sure that nothing comes out until well after November.

In other words, big deal.

It means nothing unless the Democrats, specifically toadies like Senator Rockefeller stop playing ball with the Administration and fight tooth and nail over the scope and access to be accorded to the commission, and also insist that any final report be due in September. But I have more confidence in Bush's ability to use this as another successful misdirection than I do in Rockefeller and Daschle's ability to grow balls and fight this to their terms.

This means that our only hope is for our Democratic candidates to preemptively state the terms of the commission and inquiry now in public and set markers down so that when Bush tries his whitewash manuevers in coming weeks, the Democrats can establish with the media that Bush is in fact covering his ass and not really doing anything here.

Such preemptive pressure will have to come from Kerry, Dean, Clark, and Edwards for it to work.

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