Monday :: Feb 2, 2004

Bush's "Dead On Arrival" Budget

by Steve

"This is not a budget, this is a Christmas list of liberal, big-government pet projects. Not only will it put our economy at grave risk, it will bring back the era of federal deficits. As taxpayers have learned a long time ago, new government spending programs always cost much more than the liberal presidents who propose them will ever admit. Congress should treat this so-called 'budget' as dead on arrival. Then they should move on to their pro-family, pro-taxpayer agenda. An agenda that will cut taxes, save Social Security, improve education and strengthen our national defense, and do so in a way that will not increase the overall size of government."
---Grover Norquist, February 1, 1999

President Bush delivered a fiscal year 2005 budget today that almost universally was discredited upon its release. Not only have the usual and credible critics of Bush budget flim-flammery like the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities derided the budget for its falsehoods and desire to maintain $100,000 tax cuts for millionaires while cutting funding for community policing, but even die-hard conservatives are saying publicly that the GOP leadership and the Bush Administration have no credibility on such matters.

Mainstream media outlets are already dismissing the Bush budget, like Knight-Ridder. It is so sad to see how far backward we have gone since the days just four years ago when the Clinton budget was lavished with praise from many corners for its budget honesty.

What Democrats need to do is deal with Bush the same way conservatives dealt with Clinton during the 1990’s. Of course the major difference is that Clinton’s budgets were done by the likes of Leon Panetta and Bob Rubin, not shysters like Josh Bolten and John Snow. But Democrats need to take a look back at the reaction of the GOP to Clinton budget proposals and return the favor now.

In essence, the Democrats need to say loudly that Bush’s budget is Dead On Arrival, just like the Cato Institute did back in 1998, or when John Kasich said it again in 2000, or when any number of other loony Reeps said the same thing for any parochial reason.

Say it often, and say it loudly: Bush’s budget is dead on arrival.

There is no better expert on why Democrats should do this than Grover Norquist himself. If it was good enough for the GOP to say against Democrats, then it is good enough for the Democrats to say against Bush.

Payback is a bitch, eh George?

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