Wednesday :: Feb 4, 2004

Get This Man Some Therapy, And A Reality Check

by Steve

From the "Detached from Reality" file comes today’s assertion by Bush that the United States is drawing terrorists into a “closing net of doom”. Since the rumors overseas are still running rampant that Al Qaeda is planning significant attacks in March and April, and our troops are still dying in Iraq, a country on the verge of civil war, Bush’s statement as usual shows how his aides feed him a rosy-scenario view of the world.

But to make matters worse, Bush claimed today he and Tony Blair were the spiritual heirs of Winston Churchill.

"I keep a stern looking bust of Sir Winston in the Oval Office, Bush said. "He watches my every move."

Yeah, and he turns in his grave when he thinks you wasted good men and women for a set of lies. And by the way Skippy, contrary to what Poppy said, Saddam was not Hitler, so don’t flatter yourself. You can’t carry Churchill’s jock.

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