Thursday :: Feb 5, 2004

Voters View Democrats Much More Favorably Than GOP

by Steve

Karl, read this and weep.

Buried in the recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll was a question about voters’ assessments of the two political parties ten months before the election. By a large 25-point margin (59% favorable-34% unfavorable), it turns out that voters have a very favorable view of the Democratic Party right now, especially compared to the tanking ratings of the GOP (48%-45%). Why?

Well, a good Page One story in tomorrow’s Washington Post points out several reasons and follows along a suggestion I made days ago. First, after seeing for several weeks the Democratic candidates fix their collective fire on Bush, not only does Bush look worse to voters, but the Democrats collectively look better. Kerry just happens to be the main beneficiary of this. But as the Post notes correctly, the entire party owes a debt of deep gratitude to Howard Dean for slapping the party and its candidates out of their timid lethargy and pushing them into an aggressive in-your-face challenge to Bush.

Second, Bush, his team, and his message suck, and voters are finally contemplating someone else next January, and have decided that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the Democrats got their shot. The State of the Union was a flop. Bush is revealed to be a liar one more time on WMDs and Medicare. When you get right down to it, he has no message or agenda. And as the Post story notes, his advisors are starting to mess their britches over it. Note that the GOP ratings as a party are at their lowest level since the days of September 2001 (scroll down for the GOP ratings).

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