Friday :: Feb 6, 2004

Will Russert Go Easy With Bush On Meet The Press?

by Steve

Either out of desperation that he needs to be relevant again, or out of confidence that their Toady Tim Russert can coddle him at this critical hour, Bush has decided to sit down for an hour on Meet the Press (MTP) this weekend. The show will be taped tomorrow and broadcast Sunday.

Given how aggressively Russert has gone after the Democrats over the last several months on MTP, objectivity and fairness dictate that he does the same with Bush, who has so many things to answer for. Right now, Russert could do a whole show just on Iraq and WMDs, not to mention Valerie Plame, or Bush’s disappearance in Alabama in 1972-73, or the lies on the Medicare drug bill, or any number of other topics. It remains to be seen if Russert will show the same edge with Bush face to face that he routinely does with Democrats, or if NBC will be pressured to edit the show to make Bush look as good as possible.

For an interesting piece on Bush's decision to do Russert right about now, and how it may go tomorrow, read Howie Kurtz's piece in today's Post.

You can pressure Russert to give Bush the same treatment as he does Democrats by sending him an email at either or

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