Friday :: Feb 6, 2004

Bush Names Most Of Iraq WMD Commission

by Steve

You tell me if this panel of “experts” looks like one that will look at what really happened with the Iraq WMD intelligence:

Former Virginia Governor and Democratic Senator Charles Robb: Mr. Robb is the designated Democratic cover for Bush’s whitewash here, as a former Senator with a military and national security background who currently teaches at George Mason University in public policy and law.

Retired federal judge Laurence Silberman: for anyone who read David Brock’s book you would know that Silberman is a far-right nutcase who spent much of the 1990’s obsessing with the likes of Barbara Olsen and Anne Coulter about how to get rid of Bill Clinton. It is questionable how much he knows about WMDs or national security.

John McCain, who we talked about before. Again, will McCain play ball with Bush in the inevitable whitewash effort?

Lloyd Cutler: Democratic capitol power broker who is such an insider that it is unlikely he will do anything that jeopardizes his access to Beltway cocktail parties.

Yale University president Richard Levin: a fellow Yalie whose qualifications for this panel begin and end there. He is on the board of directors of several high-powered firms, but seems to have no background in intelligence, national security, or WMDs.

Former federal judge Patricia Wald: Another Yalie, Wald is one of the wild cards here, as a former circuit court judge and war crimes jurist, she is currently the Chair of George Soros’ Open Society Institute Criminal Justice Initiative. It doesn’t appear she has any background on national security, intelligence, or WMDs.

Retired Admiral William Studeman, formerly the Deputy Director of the CIA: Studeman now is a vice-president for intelligence and security for defense heavyweight Northrop Grumman, who owes his appointment to the CIA job to one George H. W. Bush.

Bush plans to name two more to this commission. But as you can see, so far no Warren Rudman, Gary Hart, Bob Kerrey, or David Kay as had been rumored. There is not a lot of WMD, recent executive branch, or intelligence experience on this panel, and it is populated with no one who is likely to rock the boat and question what the White House's role was in the debacle. And with nutcase Silberman as a co-chair, it is a laughingtstock.

Of course Bush doesn’t want to see the commission’s report until after the election in March 2005.

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