Saturday :: Feb 7, 2004

The Shape of Dean to Come

by rayman

Now that Howard Dean has designated Wisconsin as his last stand (or so we're told), this is a good time to consider what role he should play throughout the rest of the election The numbers out of Wisconsin don't look very promising for Dean; thus, barring a last-minute, Kerry-esque comeback, it's safe to say that his candidacy is on its last legs.

There's no question that Dr. Dean has played a valuable role in resuscitating the Democrats from their midterm doldrums. However, my question is: should Dean continue his relentless, full-bore attack on the Bush Administration up through the Democratic convention and into November? Or should he adopt a quieter, more subordinate role once the primaries are wrapped up to avoid upstaging the Democratic nominee? I'm honestly torn about what strategy Dean should pursue. Any thoughts?

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