Sunday :: Feb 8, 2004

More Declining Bush Poll Numbers, With Trust Becoming An Issue

by Steve

Several new polls show erosion in Bush’s numbers before the Meet the Press appearance. In the latest Newsweek Poll taken through Friday, Bush’s approval rating has fallen below 50% to 48%, with 45% disapproving of the job he is doing. In the poll, Bush loses to Kerry head-to-head 50%-45%. In the same poll 45% are strongly against his election.

A Time/CNN Poll done through Friday by Harris Interactive shows Bush beating Kerry by 50%-48%. The same poll shows Bush with a 54%-42% approval/disapproval rating.

The latest Associated Press poll done by Ipsos shows Bush’s approval rating dropping to 47% down from 56% just a month ago, and his disapproval rating has risen to 50%. Bush has lost significant ground with seniors, Independents, and of special note people from the Midwest.

And while Bush said boldly today that he plans to run this race as the man who has the best judgement in using US force in the world, the Annenberg Survey shows that along with Bush’s approval rating dropping from 64% at the time of the SOTU to 54% now, more Americans now say the war in Iraq wasn’t worth it.

But if Bush wants to run on his judgment to use force as an advantage against Kerry, he may find that he has a hill to climb on the issue of trust. Buried in the aforementioned Time/CNN poll was a question on the public’s trust of Bush. In fact, Time is out tonight with a major piece on the public's growing concerns over Bush's trustworthiness.

Forty-four percent of U.S. adults say they trust President George W. Bush's leadership while 55 percent have some doubts or reservations, according to poll for Time Magazine and Cable News Network released today.

According to the poll, Bush faces serious doubts on his credibility about both the economy and Iraq. And surprisingly, the poll showed there was room to drive up Kerry’s war record and image and room to drive down Bush’s image on his disappearance in Alabama.

Asked about the military service records of Bush and Kerry, 60 percent said they think Kerry did his duty for the country with his combat service in Vietnam; 39 percent say Bush did his duty with his service in the Texas Air National Guard.

But where Bush has his biggest advantage in the area of trust is on terrorism, where two-thirds of those polled say that they trust Bush’s statements in this area. It is conventional wisdom that any additional Al Qaeda attacks would benefit Bush as the Commander in Chief, yet it is also true that Bush has spent months telling us that we have Al Qaeda on the run. So although his statements in this area are trusted, is it really a forgone conclusion that any new attacks by Al Qaeda won’t harm him, especially when there are signs that they are still a major, and yes, imminent threat?

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