Monday :: Feb 9, 2004

AWOL: Where was the Press?

by paradox

Mosey on over to Calpundit this morning and the pernicious history of our President’s National Guard tour of duty is yet again modified—it appears as if Bush was transferred to the Army Reserved Force because he couldn’t handle regular Guard duty. Regardless of whatever this latest development means, it’s now crystal clear Bush is terrible serial liar--in his 1999 autobiography Bush wrote that "I continued flying with my unit for the next several years, [after 1970]" a pure fantasy.

Fantasy is nothing new for our little Pretzeldent. It was screamingly obvious in 2002 that the man was completely off the reservation with that incredible trifecta story, but the reason he continued to splatter delusional fantasy across our national discourse—Iraq’s WMD obviously fits that category—after 2002 is that he could get away with it. All of the liberal blogosphere is asking the question “Where was Bush when he was actually supposed to be in the Guard?” this morning, but they’re only going after half of the story.

Where the hell was the press while Bush was floating all these incredible whoppers?

The words serial liar were written quite deliberately above, for while Bush was lying through his teeth about his Guard service and what his proposed budget would do, the US Journalism Corps spent the whole 2000 election campaign trying to prove that Gore—not Bush—was the serial liar.

With a little cursory research it’s easy to see how ludicrous that meme was—Gore really did have an instrumental hand in establishing the Internet (Gingrich says so). That Love Story stuff was true—the list goes on and on. Gore literally could not speak the truth without being called a liar. Endlessly, while Bush skated on his National Guard lies.

So the US Journalism Corps is a bunch of worthless hacks, lying as easily as Bush does, useless in their stated professional goal of reporting the truth. Such knowledge has been pretty common for alert readers of the blogosphere for a long time—Bush has been a free pass for four years. But why?

Bob Somerby of The Daily Howler puts it this way: “This story was avoided because the press was savaging Gore to pay back Clinton.”

Pay back Clinton for what? Somerby doesn’t say. Could he possibly mean that the press thought Clinton should have lost his job because of the Lewinsky scandal, and the payback was savaging Gore for Clinton keeping his job?

I don’t know. I have serious problems with that answer—surely the press corps knew the incredible amount of damage inflicted on Clinton for a purely personal affair. Did they hate Clinton so much they’d completely ignore the extremely dangerous Bush? The press obviously ignored Bush’s flaws, but they did it for Corporate reasons too—their masters at Viacom, General Electric, Disney, TimeWarner, and Fox wanted a business-friendly Executive. Word came from various not-so-subtle means to go easy on the Republican, no matter what drivel he constantly spouted.

Something is still wrong here. So the press is Corporate and hated Clinton, but the irrationality of it all still doesn’t make sense for such a huge group of allegedly sincere professionals. That, in the end, may be the best explanation of how the AWOL story really happened—for whatever reason the US press corps simply flips out in irrationality whenever Al Gore has to be covered. Humans have a long, sordid record irrationality, unfortunately.

Doubt it? Look at what the press did to Dean the moment Al Gore endorsed him. All the rules were unofficially flipped off at that moment and the press corps savagely went after Dean.

The US journalism corps failed in its coverage of AWOL Bush, and continues to do so, all out of a root hatred of Al Gore. They gladly smashed the Dean candidacy as part of it, and Lord only knows what the scumbags are going pull this year. There are actually signs there might be some real journalism in the country this year, but don’t hold your breath.

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