Tuesday :: Feb 10, 2004

Bush's Detached From Reality Claim On Jobs This Year

by Steve

Under the category of stepping into a pile of S**T with both feet:

With all of Bush’s spinning lately about how many jobs will be created this year, he risks greatly whatever credibility he has left on the issue of his economic stewardship. Bush claimed with a straight face yesterday that the economy will create 2.6 million jobs this year, in other words, most if not all of the jobs that have been lost since he took office. Worse yet, as if selling snow in Nome, Bush’s head of his Council of Economic Advisors says that outsourcing is good for the economy. As the Economic Policy Institute recently noted, all of Bush’s job predictions he used in selling his tax cuts have been wrong, so his credibility here is almost gone already.

Both of these are proof of how tone deft and off their game the Administration’s political team has become recently. The president tells audiences that the jobs are coming back, and tells Russert the same thing, in an almost surreal, detached from reality way, as Krugman noted today. Why? Because he has no other choice and is locked in to the limitations of his no-tax-cut-left-behind economic policy. And doing this is of course politically risky, as USA Today noted. But does anyone really think that 2.6 million jobs will reappear all in one year, and if not, why squander whatever credibility you have left just for the sake of putting out a forecast so blatantly contrived for purely political purposes?

And the result of this Pollyanna approach appears to be that conservatives are getting concerned, as is, of all quarters, normally GOP business people as noted at the back of this Post story.

But if Bush and Rove want to put it out there that 2.6 million jobs will be coming back, I guess we can only too happily hold them to that the rest of this year.

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