Tuesday :: Feb 10, 2004

David Kay Hangs Bush Out To Dry - Again

by Steve

After Bush told everyone who would listen that David Kay's findings and opinions were the driving force behind Bush's belated call for a inquiry into the Iraqi WMD intelligence, Kay today threw Bush another curve.

Kay now thinks that the commission should look into how the White House used the intelligence it received, after all. Heretofore, Kay has said that he thinks the problem is with the intelligence itself, not with the Administration. With that safely in the bank, Bush fended off calls for the inquiry to go beyond the intelligence community and look also at the Administration's role in distorting or misusing what it received. Hence the Executive Order issued by Bush limited the inquiry to the actual intelligence and the community itself, not how the policymakers used or misused it.

But today Kay said that enough questions have been raised about this subject that it is important that the inquiry go the extra step and look into what the Administration did with the intelligence. As a result, the White House was forced to state that it would be up to the co-chairs to decide what their agendas would be, even though they will still not have power to compel cooperation or issue subpoenas.

Unfortunately, the CIA's man at the Post Walter Pincus saw this story buried on Page 25 of tomorrow's Post by its editors.

Go figure.

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