Tuesday :: Feb 10, 2004

Rummy AWOL When 45-Minute Claim Made?

by Steve

Rummy is trying to rewrite history and walk away from Tony Blair again. Tomorrow the BBC is reporting that Rummy now cannot remember ever hearing about the infamous 45-minute claim that was contained in the British dodgy dossier. In fact, Rummy is now saying he cannot remember the statement being made.

But as we indicated months ago, this was the same claim that was repeated by Rummy's boss three times in the space of a week, after the CIA had told the US intelligence community and the Brits that it had doubts about the claim.

So if your boss used the claim three times in a week, and if the claim had been trashed by the CIA, and the claim was used by your boss in a public appearance with Congress, but you now claim that you don't remember hearing about this claim, then I have one question:

Where the hell were you Rummy during that time? In the undisclosed location with Pacemaker Dick?

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