Wednesday :: Feb 11, 2004

What's Wrong with California Democrats

by Duckman GR

So, it would seem that the California Democratic Party is going to endorse the Governor Schwarzenegger ballot initiatives, 57 and 58, for the March election. So what, you say? Just those krazy kats on the Left Coast doing their Democracy by Initiative, right?

[Briefly, Prop 57 is a $15 Billion Bond issue to cover CA's budget deficit. 58 mandates a balanced budget and a reserve fund, and other changes in the state constitution. The two are linked, so if one fails, they both fail.]

I could barely read this thing from the LA Times about it because it just sickens me. It would seem that the State Party hasn't learned a thing in the last 3 years. They're employing the same approach that they used in the recall. And gee, that worked out well, didn't it?

Some Democrats also have expressed concerns that passage would strengthen Schwarzenegger for subsequent fights over workers' compensation reform and the budget itself.

Ya think? Because this is what this endorsement does. Arnold waltzed in, unchallenged by the press or the Democrats, with nothing but his "charm" behind him. The Democrats couldn't decide on a strategy, and rather than just oppose him tooth and nail, they fractured into a slew of positions, until they settled on Joe Lieberman's top State supporter. Nuff said.

And they continue to give him victories, uncritical victories that tell the State that Arnold can get things done. He can release prisoners from prison and its okay where a Dem could not. He can put the squeeze on the Indian Tribes because the public will support him. Why? Because the Democrats keep giving him victories, that's why, and people like successful leaders, don't they.

Art Torres, state party chair, says that due to Republican intransigence on the budget, the Dems are left with no other option than to roll over and support Gov. Schwarzenegger. So rather than expose that intransigence, rather than fight Arnold, rather than use some of Tom DeLays strong arm tactics themselves (which they could do since they do have majorities in both houses) rather than propose and flog their own budgetary solution to the problem, no, it's time to strap on the ol Pink Tutu and proclaim Arnold the best thing since the Model T.

Things are turned upside down these days. It used to be that where California led, the rest of the nation would follow. But now, as in all things Bush, it's been Orwellized. Because this is the same free ride Bush has gotten, and now we're doing it here in sunny and warm CA.

Personally, I think this capitulation is short sighted and cowardly. What's Arnold going to do next? He's lied or broken his promises from the get go, it's hard to see how giving him his way on the budget is going to improve the state or our situation. We were supposed to let him stew in his own juices. And now us Democrats are pulling him out of the pot so we can hop in for him.

He's going to cut education, its availability, and its quality, he's going to give the developers all the help he can, he's going to foul our air and water kowtowing to big business, and it isn't going to improve our economy or our society.

This is not going to help. Getting the money back from Kenny Boy and Duke and Reliant, that would help. Throwing Bush and the GOP out of DC will help. Empowering Schwarzenegger isn't, any way you slice it. But it will help Bush and the GOP nationally and statewide. Krazy, huh?!

I'm with BartCop on this one. I sometimes wonder what the hell I'm doing in this party, but here I am, a California Democrat, and not ashamed to say so.

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