Wednesday :: Feb 11, 2004

Bush's Role In Khan's Proliferation Activities

by Steve

Youíll have to excuse my disbelief at the chutzpah demonstrated by Bush this morning when he lectures other countries on their efforts to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. This initiative comes from a man who has dawdled for ideological reasons while North Korea goes nuclear, and whose answer to this issue is to build a suspect but costly Star Wars while ignoring face-to-face negotiations to bring inspectors back to the country. But today, Bush wants to take credit for getting out in front on the issue of stopping proliferation, citing the U.S.ís alleged work in catching up to the nuclear supply network of Pakistani scientist A. Q. Khan. Why is this so hypocritical?

Because according to investigative journalist Greg Palast, it was Bush himself who has his hands dirty on letting Khan do what he has done since 2001. According to an investigation by Palast, Bush pulled the CIA back from going after Khan and stopping him because of his ties to the Saudis.

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