Wednesday :: Feb 11, 2004

The Man On The Corner

by Steve

A slice of life today:

I was fortunate enough for the first time this week to get out for lunch and take a walk. Work has been such lately that commonplace things like going for a walk at lunch are the exception rather than the rule.

As I crossed the street, I noticed a heavily-bearded, somewhat scruffy-looking man on the corner standing on one of the busiest intersections next to the park holding a large sign with American flags that simply said in large letters "Impeach Bush!" As I walked past him, I said "keep up the good work" and kept going. He beckoned me to join him, but I demurred, smiled and kept going.

A half-hour later as I came back to that corner on my return to the building, the man was still there, but I noticed in just the thirty seconds or so that I was in his vicinity that there were at least a half-dozen cars that honked their support to him as they passed by, with at least two more yelling audible expressions of agreement to him.

When I asked him how it was going, he said "it's been this way since last week, when the inspector guy said there were no weapons in Iraq." He seemed very determined, and very pleased at the reaction he was getting.

I report this to you for the pessimist in all of us, when we think that things won't get better anytime soon. I get this way myself more often that I admit. And then there are little reminders like this of why this is a great country.

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