Wednesday :: Feb 11, 2004

Powell's Blood Pressure Going Up

by Steve

Looks like Colin Powell is getting increasingly thin-skinned as time goes on. At a hearing of the House International Relations Committee today, Powell not only got into it with Democratic Representative Sherrod Brown when Brown referenced Bush's possible AWOL status in the Guard, but also went after one of Brown's aides for having the temerity to shake his head negatively at some of Powell's defense for the war.

Powell fielded the assertions calmly, defending the president's judgment and his own.

But when Brown contrasted Powell's military experience to Bush's record with the National Guard, saying the president "may have been AWOL'' from duty, Powell exploded.

"First of all, Mr. Brown, I won't dignify your comments about the president because you don't know what you are talking about,'' Powell snapped.

"I'm sorry I don't know what you mean, Mr. Secretary,'' Brown replied.

"You made reference to the president,'' Powell shot back.

Brown then repeated his understanding that Bush may have been AWOL from guard duty.

"Mr. Brown, let's not go there,'' Powell retorted. "Let's not go there in this hearing. If you want to have a political fight on this matter, that is very controversial, and I think it is being dealt with by the White House, fine, but let's not go there.''

Fair enough. But then, Powell went overboard when someone dared to not buy his bullshit about Iraq.

Powell then went on to defend the Bush administration's assertions on Iraq's prewar weaponry. "We didn't make it up,'' Powell said. "It was information that reflected the views of analysts in all the various agencies.''

But the dispute with Brown did not end.

"Are you shaking your head for something, young man?,'' Powell asked when he noticed an aide to Brown apparently disagreeing.

"I seldom come to a meeting when I'm talking to a congressman and I have people aligned behind you giving editorial comment by headshakes,'' Powell said.

Brown, defending his assistant, said ``I think people have opinions.''

For Christ's sake Colin, get off your imperial horse. People are not buying your crap anymore, and just because you're not used to people disbelieving you to your face isn't their fault.

After all, they weren't the one who lied at the UN. They weren't the one who traded whatever integrity and credibility they had left to eat your honor by serving a lying and corrupt combat-dodging leadership. Just because you have decided to dishonor yourself and find yourself now being blown off by congressional staffers, please spare us the righteous indignation, OK?

You no longer are entitled to any benefit of the doubt, so shut the hell up and retire. Soldiers of this country continue to die for a war of choice, sold to America and the world on false pretenses by you of all people, a man who beseeched Congress back in the early 90's to never squander the troops needlessly.

For a guy who used to care about the troops, you are now a disgrace to the uniform.

As AlanF suggests, send a note to Sherrod Brown and his staff telling them to stand firm.

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