Thursday :: Feb 12, 2004

CIA Plants An Interesting Story

by Steve

Even when the CIA tries to cover for the White House and put a good face on a "reform", one can't get away from the feeling that the Agency is still sending out "F**k You's" to the Administration in doing so. In Thursday's Post, the Agency's man at the paper Walter Pincus writes a Page One, saying that the CIA is making changes to what the analysts are told about the source of information provided by operatives. As a result, analysts will be told if there are multiple independent sources for the information in order to better gauge the credibility of the information. In other words, no more single-source tips from Ahmad Chalabi or his cronies in the INC or from Iraqi colonels of dubious integrity. And presumably no more tips from political hacks operating within the White House.

But the story ends with this nugget:

In addition, the Bush PDB gets a more limited distribution within the agency, leaving some senior analysts unaware of what has been sent to the White House.

It was reported by several news sources in the months leading up to 9/11 that Bush limited the presentation of the President's Daily Brief each day to Tenet and the FBI's Mueller only, and didn't want to hear from too many people, presumably with diverse viewpoints. Now we find out that senior CIA analysts have no idea of what is actually presented to the White House. If so, how can the Agency be held accountable for what its senior analysts do not know? Furthemore, how can the Agency find out when the White House is going down the wrong track if it doesn't know what intelligence is making its way there day-to-day?

Or was that the real point of this story?

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