Thursday :: Feb 12, 2004

Bush National Guard Story Begins To Spin Away From White House Control

by Steve

Don’t think for a moment that the White House’s attempts to squelch further inquiry into Bush’s disappearance from his National Guard commitment in 1972-73 will be successful. Despite efforts by White House spinmeisters Scott McClellan and Dan Bartlett to strong-arm the media for continually raising questions that go unanswered, the story is taking off. As Josh Marshall noted yesterday, the White House tried to kill the story yesterday by producing laughingly Bush’s dental records and a statement from his personal physician, as if either of those things were relevant to the unanswered questions.

Read the USA Today piece out today on this, as well as the Walter Robinson update from the Boston Globe. And if you want the best day-to-day coverage of this, check in with Kevin Drum over a CalPundit. Given that Bartlett himself is alleged to have a role in making some of the documents go away when Bush first ran for governor, any statements by him should be turned back around as direct questions about his role in this cover-up.

The sharkpack is back.

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