Saturday :: Feb 14, 2004

Bush: I've got good news...

by dj moonbat

and I've got bad news. The good news is that, although your document dump doesn't actually prove you showed up in Alabama, the press seems to think that this is all too complicated to pursue any further. Have yourself a 'pretzel,' George, you dodged a bullet.

The bad news is that now, after fighting to keep ahead of the media's questions about your past in the National Guard, you get to back to the questions about your present in the White House. Let's face it, George: The news is not good.

Greenspan tells us the economy has turned the corner. That would be great, except that around the corner, one finds oneself at the back of the unemployment line.

Speaking of jobs, only unemployment rates in the 40s could possibly make a person sign up to become an Iraqi cop. Twenty of them were killed when heavily armed insurgents raided a police station in Fallujah, freeing scores of their comrades. This raid comes, of course, on top of a multi-car-bomb week in which over a hundred Iraqi civilians and another handful of American troops were killed.

Your massive deficits will be even more massive once you own up to the costs in Iraq. And although you would like to cover those actions with supplementals after the election--you know, so nobody knows how much they cost until it's too late--we'll run out of money at the end of September if Congress doesn't pony up more funds.

Then there's the summer. Sierra Club and Judicial Watch are hauling your Veep up before the Supremes, and recently Kennedy and O'Connor seem to be rediscovering the fact that their job title is Supreme Court Justice, rather than Republican Bitch. If Scalia were smart, he would recuse himself now, because I don't think you're getting five votes even if he does have the gall to ignore his obvious conflicts of interest.

Plus the Plame grand jury continues to talk to people in your administration. They may never get all the way to Dick Cheney, but they just might. At any rate, now that the press have started to remember the thrill of the chase, they might even start connecting some of the dots themselves.

So now you have virtually nothing left with which to distract the American people from your astonishingly poor performance. Hey, I've got an idea: Maybe America will believe that all our problems will go away if we just fight off the threat of gay marriage! If I were you--and thank God I'm not--I think I would run with that. It's not much, but it's not like you have anything positive to say about your first four years; maybe some negativity is what it'll take to save you from America's upcoming negativity toward you.

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