Monday :: Feb 16, 2004

Ideology and Idiocy

by dj moonbat

As I watch the news these days, I find myself coming up with fewer and fewer new insights into why the Bush administration does what it does.

For a while, I kept coming up with more and more dazzling conspiracy theories to make sense of it all--after all, James Baker got the guy his job. I simply couldn't imagine that the administration's policies had no cohesive guidance; I assumed that the guidance was cohesive, but too sinister to reveal.

More and more, though, I think that at the center of the adminstration is chaos. Not simply because Bush is a few pretzels short of a six pack--though he certainly is--but because those around him who have his ear seem to be ideological to the point of insanity.

One thoroughly predictable jam arising from this ideological idiocy reveals itself today: After hedging for months, Bremer says he'll veto Sharia law for any government that takes over from us. That sound you just heard was the odds of a civil war shooting up.

I'm not exactly a huge fan of Sharia law, so I can't fault them for the stand itself. But it boggles the mind that nobody stepped back for a moment before pulling the trigger on this disaster and said, "Chalabi, this scenario of yours sounds pretty good, but might there be some Muslims in Iraq who might want a religious government once Saddam is gone?"

Nah. They were in a hurry.

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