Monday :: Feb 16, 2004

Is The Media Waking Up?

by Steve

Imagine my surprise tonight at watching the NBC Nightly News, the most friendly of the Big Three towards the Bush Administration. Several minutes into the newscast, Tom Brokaw introduces a piece talking about charges by the White House that Kerry is beholden to special interests because he has taken over $600,000 in special interest money in his Senate career, which I think translates to well less than $50,000 a year. I think to myself “oh boy, here comes the Mighty Wurlitzer at NBC, flacking for their guy Bush.

But imagine my surprise at seeing this story end after about a minute or two, only to be followed by a story on Kerry’s counterattack against Bush for being the biggest recipient of special interest money of all time. The story runs for at least two and a half minutes, with on-air quotes from Chuck Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity, with both Lewis and the NBC reporter talking about how hypocritical it is for Bush to use this line of attack against Kerry given that Enron and other companies with business before the White House were Bush’s biggest contributors.

After I picked myself up off the floor, I wondered what the hell was going on. Maybe some of the media, although not the Sunday chatfests as I indicated yesterday, are starting to read the same polls we are. This evening, the latest CBS News Poll shows that Kerry maintains a five-point lead over Bush (48%-43%) in a poll taken through yesterday, after the Kerry affair rumors, the special interest smears, and the recent Bush road trips. 51% of those polled felt the country was on the wrong track.

Well, I guess there is hope after all.

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