Tuesday :: Feb 17, 2004

Bush's Big Gamble

by Mary

Posted by Mary
George W. Bush is a big gambler and he likes to play for the high stakes. For much of his Presidency, his luck seemed to be all golden. Especially his luck at being in the White House when 9/11 happened because that would give him the edge to win big time. He had the world's greatest military, Republican control of the Congress and the Senate, courts willing to defer to his every wish, a media that was actively backing his goals, big business backers falling all over themselves to fund his runs and a very active base that was ready to take the country from those pesky, traitorous liberals. He gambled that his Iraqi venture would come up roses, making the middle-east a peaceful colony with a steady stream of oil to fund his new ventures. He gambled that his tax cuts would trickle down and spark an economic boom. He gambled that he could present an image of an invincible leader that would be unassailable.

Today, it looks like these gambles have come up losers. Iraq is a mess. Oil prices are going up which could lead to $3 a gallon gasoline. (Remember one of the major problems that plagued Jimmy Carter was the oil shock and it helped usher in the age of Reagan.) The economy limps along. And finally, the carefully crafted image of a strong, bold leader is tanking fast. If only they had found those missing WMD in Iraq. So what is he going to run on?

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