Wednesday :: Feb 18, 2004

Bush Formally Backs Away From Job Estimate - "I'm Not A Statistician"

by Steve

As Mary noted last night, the White House has now today formally disavowed its own Economic Report of the President, wherein last week the White House said that 2.6 million new jobs would be created by the end of this year. The White House’s defense of its action today? Bush says “I’m not a statistician.”

No sh*t.

You’re not a truth-teller either, so what else is new?

Scott McClellan actually tried to walk away from the prediction in their own report by saying that the “numbers crunchers will do their job.” The capper came when McClellan said “we are interested in reality.”

Really? I guess that doesn’t hold when it comes to Iraq WMDs, does it?

From this defense, we can now assert that no one should believe anything from the Bush economic team ever again, right? After all, they are only interested in reality, not modeling or credible predictions, right? So with such an attitude, why can’t Democrats respond that there will be no further acceptance of anything Bush says on budgets, deficits, or the benefits of tax cuts?

Memo to John Kerry: when responding to whoppers like this from the White House, please do better than a 48-word meandering statement like the one below:

"Now George Bush is saying he's going to create 2.6 million jobs this year alone - and his advisors are saying, 'What, you didn't actually believe that, did you?' Apparently George Bush is the only person left in the country who actually believes the far-fetched promises he's peddling," Kerry said in a statement.

Is it really so hard to say this?

Today, Mr. Bush disavowed his own economic report, saying he wasn’t a statistician. From reading his budgets and tax cut claims, this is obvious. But why should we now believe anything he says in the future?

Tragically this newfound concern for reality never extended to your claims surrounding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and a Saddam/Al Qaeda connection, for which people continue to die.

Update: The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities points out how ludicrous the original estimates were in the first place.

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