Friday :: Feb 20, 2004

Kenny Boy and Bush

by Duckman GR

Yes indeed, I hope Kenny Boy was watching as Jeff Skilling was handcuffed and walked into that Houston Courthouse. In case you or he missed it, there's a bunch of articles here that review the Enron mess for those of us with short term memory loss.

Funny, though, I had a hard time finding a good picture of Jeffy Boy doing the perp walk, although I did see it quickly on TV. But it's something we need to see.

But what we really need to see is Kenny Boy doing the walk. Kenny Boy humiliated. Kenny Boy crying to his benefactor George W Bush, oh wait, that's the other way round there, sorry. Well, Kenny Boy doing time anyway.

Lest we forget, Bush denied even knowing Kenny Boy at one point, but, this was shown to be just too silly to even bother refuting, but which needs refuting.

Ken Lay had helped George W. Bush every step of the way during his journey to the White House. Lay had been one of Bush's first "pioneers," each of whom pledged to raise $100,000 for Bush. Lay had made Enron's fleet of airplanes available to the Bush campaign. The Bush campaign used Enron's jets to fly to different events on eight different occasions -- that's more than any other corporation. During the 2000 election cycle, Lay contributed more than $275,000 to the Republican National Committee. Enron's total donations to the party exceeded $1.1 million. Enron gave $250,000 to help fund the Republican Party National Convention in Philadelphia. When the outcome of the election was in doubt after the polls closed in November 2000, Lay and his wife, Linda, gave $10,000 to help finance the Bush campaign's Florida operation during the recount after the election.

Kenny and George. George and Kenny. The Skilling arrest has brought this issue back up, barely, and Democrats and Liberals and Progressives and Americans need to talk about the connection regularly and often. People need to be reminded of what George W Bush stands for, in relation to Enron and Money Politics.

California's Governor wants to mimic Bush's debt performance by plunging us $15 billion more into debt. But, as Greg Palast suggests, Arnold wants to forgive $9 billion dollars owed to the state. Yes, indeedy, Arnold is a real moderate with no ties to George W Bush. Just like Bush has none with Lay.

I almost want Lay frogmarched as much as Rove and Cheney and Bush, but not quite, but it will be a good day when, and if, it happens. Because on that day we get to remind everybody of the company he keeps. But until then, lay (har har)some groundwork down.

Oh, and go here for some good, clean, Enron fun!!

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