Sunday :: Feb 22, 2004

Nader Aims To Deliver Us To Another Four Years Of Bush

by Steve

In a move that is the height of ego and self-importance, Ralph Nader jumped into the 2004 presidential race today, after being urged by his political supporters not to do it, and deciding to run as an independent. Aside from making Hillary Clinton happy at the prospect that Nader might grab anywhere from a half-point to two points in what will be a tight race this November and thereby return the White House to Bush for four more years, why would Nader do this, especially when he allegedly has told the DNC that he wonít attack the Democratic candidate unless they attack him? If you are planning to only attack Bush and donít have an official party organization of your own to front and help, then what drives such an effort when you know it will only help ensure four more years of the man you plan to attack?

At least in 2000, he could claim plausibly that he was trying to help the Green Party gain legitimacy when he jumped in, by aiming to get them to the 5% threshold. But he undercut any such justification after he got in by claiming with a straight face that there was no difference between Gore and Bush (updated and repeated again today apparently) and by making the choice late in the campaign to go to states destined to hurt Gore and not help the Greens.

Now, it is simply about ego and an incredible lack of concern for this country. His supporters this time around still say delusionally that Kerry and Bush are pretty much alike. As Time notes, Nader may not draw anywhere near what he did in 2000, but he doesn't have to in order to sink the Democrats this time. Disaffected Dean supporters, who may have stayed home or grudgingly gone with Edwards or Kerry may in fact now go to Nader. And it is curious that Nader waited until Dean was officially out the race.

So sad, and so worthy of our contempt and rage. You may say that Nader won't matter because he can't get on enough ballots in enough states and will never draw enough voters to matter. And you would be wrong. If Nader gets several hundred thousand votes in the right states this year, it will deliver us to Bush for four more years.

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